oh hey!

nice to

see you.

welcome to my studio.

my name's nicky.

I'm a freelance designer and illustrator based in Herts, UK


(this is me)

I’ve always loved drawing

I remember doing my first ‘real’ observation drawing when I was six. It was a portrait of my Dad sat in an armchair, a glass of red wine in his hand. It still hangs above his bed.


My Mum was a fashion designer and, for a while, Head of Art at my school, and my Dad is a product designer. So I guess it was inevitable that at least one of their three children was going to inherit a creative gene. It just happened to be me. 


Throughout school, art was always one of my favourite subjects and I soon became more familiar with the inside of an art room than my own bedroom, obsessed by the paint splattered sink and that smell that only an art room smells like. (You know the one.)

Fast forward a few years to 2017 and I graduated from Norwich University of Arts with a First Class degree in illustration.

My work includes 

branding, marketing, websites & illustration

I've created designs for national magazines, retailers, visitor attractions and events.

Within my illustrations I like to use stylistic shapes, playful patterns and colourful palettes to create whimsical environments in which my characters exist, often drawing inspiration from real life experiences. 

I'm a big fan of history, plants & coffee

When I'm not drawing you'll probably find me tending to my house plants or deep underground managing the historic Royston Cave.

That's my introduction over. Now, what about you? Hobbies, interests, childhood tales - tell me everything.

Feel free to take a look around and shout below if you need me or follow my creative journey on instagram.